Coral Academy

Educating ourselves, so that we can provide the solution for you.

We take inspiration from our name, Coral to be visionaries someday, in order to help the community and playing our part in building the youth. To provide them the most innovative and leading Training Academy in the region, while keeping the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Dream big with Coral Academy!

Our aim is to build a good reputation for delivering the highest standard of academic training and to build a well-known Training Academy, specializing in aviation. Our team members are creative, experienced and enthusiastic. These qualities combined with advanced technology helps us to provide excellent academic experiences within the Maldives.

We wish to help you fly high one day!

Always supporting your dreams,

Our Courses

General Courses

Basic Customer Service

First Aid in the workplace

Airline Marketing

Airline Revenue Management

Cabin Crew Introductory Course

Cabin Crew Initial Training Course

Basic Ground Handling

Aircraft Engineering License (Tuition)

PR & Communication

Language Courses - Italian

Web Designing

For Kids

Cyber Security

Robotics - STEM

Anti Bullying or preventing Bullying

Art & Craft

Mindfulness for kids

Music Class - Drum

Language courses - Italian

For Women

Empowering Women

Workshop for Mothers

Personal development and psychology for women!

Vocational Training

Note: We can customize corporate training for our customers based on their requirements.

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